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Millennium Insurance Agency Inc. & Traffic School

Need to take traffic school but no time? Great News! The Millennium Insurance Agency Inc. & Traffic School course has the experience to back you up. Our mission is to help you clean your record and take classes online wherever you have Internet access. Our DMV- licensed courses are affordable, easy, and fun. We are quick and simple to approach! Don’t wait, do it now and sign up.

Multi Media Education

Our DMV-Licensed Millennium Insurance Agency Inc. & Traffic School online course is here to help you learn and understand about driving safely. Professional driving educators master this course to help students engaged and establish faster than the normal classroom course. You will learn in Short and Simple text lesson and Animated Videos. And also you will take the essential driving safely which are:

  • Traffic signs
  • Driving Fundamentals
  • California Driving Law
  • Defensive Driving Techniques

The most valuable facts to know in driving safely. It helps you become safe drivers and better.

The result is an online experience that is easy to understand. Complete each chapter, take the test, and we will report your completion directly to Department of Motor Vehicle. Simple and easy to understand! We will give you a head of start on all your online requirements.

  • Valid License
  • Citation Number
  • Your government issued identification

Our course meets the state required 8 hours, which you may work through at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

We've gone mobile!
Our course is now available on most mobile devices. We now offer more freedom to access the best course California has to offer.
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We provide a secure and safe site for your course registration. It utilizes 100 bit encryption over a private connection.